How do I communicate our new way of PTO tracking with Planleave to my teammates?

How do I communicate our new way of PTO tracking with Planleave to my teammates?

by Andrew
December 23, 2022

We get it – whether you’re on a human resources team or an owner of a small business, rolling out new ways of doing things at any company can be stressful, especially when it comes to new PTO tracking software for something as precious as paid time off. No need to fret – Planleave makes communicating your improved time off management system to your team a breeze and their is very little learning involved..

With Planleave, looping your teammates into your new system and sharing your time off policy is just a few clicks away – not to mention exceptionally easy to understand, use, and adopt. (Added bonus – no Excel spreadsheets or boring templates!) Once your account is up and running, all you need to do is maneuver to the Teammates navigation, add as many email addresses as you wish, and your team members will automatically receive an invitation to come join your company’s space within Planleave. There is also an invitation link available in your Admin View for you to cut, paste, and send off to your entire team all at once.

From there, they will be able to see who is scheduled to be away this week and in the future, how many days they have scheduled off, and a full calendar outlining the entire team’s plans for vacation time, doctor’s appointments, and any other absences – all in real-time. Time tracking and submitting time off requests has never been easier! And don’t forget – Planleave integrates with a number of applications to work perfectly with your existing workflow.

For managers, you will be able to see all employee time, sick days, pending PTO requests, and your own upcoming vacation days directly on your dashboard. You will also be able to see any recommendations for who on your team might need some upcoming rest and recuperation to encourage employee leave and combat burnout. And, of course, email notifications will be sent accordingly as vacation requests and other PTO days come in for approval.

We do recommend hosting a quick 15-30 minute meeting with your group to walk through the functionality together to confirm everyone understands the simplicity that comes with relying on Planleave as the new PTO tracker for your PTO policy. From there, everyone should be set to track time, request time, and keep tabs on their teammates on an ongoing basis. Employee self service is the name of the game! Planleave can also show accrual metrics after you add cadence to a certain timeframe, allowing you to track how much employee time each team member has taken and has left at any given time. (Even when an unlimited PTO policy is on the table!)

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