How do I integrate Planleave PTO into my Google Calendar?

How do I integrate Planleave PTO into my Google Calendar?

by Andrew
December 23, 2022

With Gmail and Google Calendar being two of the most popular work management platforms in the world, our team at Planleave has made it easy to automate and integrate your team’s PTO simply and seamlessly into your G-Suite Google Calendar desktop and app.

Note that Planleave also has integrations available for Slack, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, and more.

Google Calendar Integration

The best way to see all the time off of your teammates in Google Calendar is to use the URL we provide under Integrations:

  1. There, you can copy the URL and go to Google Calendar within your Google workspace on your desktop.
  2. In Google Calendar, click on “Other Calendars” > “From URL”
  3. Paste the URL you copied from Planleave and click on “Add Calendar”
  4. You’ll see the days off from your colleagues in your organization directly in your desktop and app calendars. This will be automatically updated as each new calendar event is added. Note that time zones will automatically update and translate accordingly as well.

Still have questions regarding workflow and functionality as it relates to project management and time tracking in your Google account?

Reach out to us and we’ll reply soon.

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