How does Planleave let me comprehensively track my team’s PTO as a manager?

How does Planleave let me comprehensively track my team’s PTO as a manager?

by Andrew
December 23, 2022

When designated as a manager of your team within Planleave, you will be able to have a comprehensive, real-time view of your team’s scheduled paid time off now and into the future through our all-inclusive, self-service PTO tracking software – all outside of a time-consuming Excel spreadsheet or cumbersome template form. Planleave allows for an intentional experience for both managers and admins who can take advantage of a variety of capabilities and functionality while employees have a simple, aggregated view of their team’s leave, as well as their own, so that they can stay focused on their day to day.

Included on your dashboard is a list of everyone who is planned to take employee PTO from your company this week, an outline of team members who could use some rest and a nudge to request PTO in the near future, any outstanding time off requests you have yet to review, as well as a breakdown of your available days, the average amount of time you typically request, and the last time you actually took PTO for yourself. (Gotta keep those managers accountable when they need a day off too!) Admins can always be added based on your organization needs.

Planleave does have PTO accrual functionality – meaning you are able to add cadence to any timeframe and see how much employee time each team member has taken at any given time, even when it comes to unlimited PTO. Our leave designation functionality also allows for you to stay compliant by entering any leave type you’re wishing to designate and allot for (FMLA, parental leave, state leave laws, etc.) and add the amount of days you’re wanting to account for on an ongoing basis.

In the Calendar section of your account is where you will find an aggregated collection of your team’s scheduled vacation time for easy time tracking across the board through a compiled calendar view of employee vacation, general absences, and PTO. In the Teammates section of your account is where the full list of employees can be found at your organization, as well as a dedicated group for anyone on the team you directly manage. You are able to click individually into each person’s profile to view all past PTO and any pending leave requests.

Any updates, changes, or requests coming from your team regarding vacation days, sick leave, or any additional PTO will be sent to you via email notifications. Planleave also integrates seamlessly into your workflow through Slack, Google Calendar, and/or Outlook. The goal of Planleave is to provide you with the perfect amount of information to stay informed, make decisions, streamline PTO requests, track time effectively, and get back to your day-to-day as you continue to set your team up for success. All you’ll have to worry about is clearly communicating your PTO policy to your team members and letting Planleave take complicated leave management off your to-do list through our simplified tracking tool.

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