Product Enhancement’s

Product Enhancement’s

by Andrew
May 2, 2023

October 2022-Leave Type Designation

You can edit, remove or add leave types as specific to your organization

January 2023-Excel Reporting

You spoke and we listened. We added excel so you can report weekly, monthly or annually and convert to Google sheets, export to PDF and email etc.

March 2023-Spanish Product 

Planleave services 48 countries with our Spanish solution

April 2023-Mobile

You can submit a leave request, approve one over email and check your team’s status over your mobile

May 2023-Administrator Leave Access

Administrators can now submit leave on anyone’s behalf. Go to Teammates->Add Time-Off and you can submit Leave for anyone else in your company. Only Administrators can do this

July 2023-Multiple Leave Polices, Leave Limits, Accruals and ability to track to Country Leave Laws

Planleaves most advanced enhancement to date, allows you to set up multiple leave policies for different people in the organization. We have also set up standard accruals, monthly and annual accruals which allow flexibility to manage to country leave requirements. We also allow limits on specific leave types. 

August 2023-Archiving

We have created archiving so you do not delete important information you may want for reporting later. You can still delete an employee if you do not care about the history, but now you can also archive instead as an option.

October 2023-Accruals and Rollovers

Standard accruals are to allow you to set leave time bi-weekly, pay period or monthly and you accrue time the longer you are with the company. Rollovers allow you to have any unused vacation time to carry over to the next year.