PTO Tracker: Why should you ditch the Spreadsheet and automate your employee’s Time Off and PTO Tracking?

PTO Tracker: Why should you ditch the Spreadsheet and automate your employee’s Time Off and PTO Tracking?

by Andrew
abril 14, 2023

The simple answer is time. What is the value of time? Time is productivity, money for your business and more time to do things beneficial for you and your company. There is a basic assumption that using an automated employee time tracker can reduce 90% of time spent in vacation administration.

What else can it mean more tangibly? ROI for your company. We have created a very simple ROI Calculator to determine the monetary advantage of simply moving from tracking your teams time off in a spreadsheet, to using a PTO tracker like Planleave. We have it on our website for anyone to try at any time RENDIMIENTO DE LA INVERSIÓN

More functionality and value is another consideration. With spreadsheets, you automate only 5% of the administrative tasks when dealing with updating the available PTO (paid time off) for your employees. With Planleave you can set up employees in teams and have manager approval hierarchy’s plus much more.

Compliance and Reporting. Using a platform like Planleave allows you to run reports by the week, month or year and track country, regional, state or federal requirements using Leave Type Designation to set up leave types specific to your needs. Smaller companies are under the same absence laws as big companies, and the ability to show you are properly tracking these leave laws goes a long way in the documentation. The employee sets the leave type and when it is requested. 

These are only a few areas, but nonetheless important ones in managing your employee time off and PTO Tracking. For more information go to

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