PTO Tracker for Happy Teams 

The most simple and easy way to manage your team’s time-off through automation with your existing tools and workflow. Planleave also has advanced abilities to handle Multiple Leave Policies, Manage to Country Leave Laws and set limits for time-off reasons.

There is not a better user experience in a PTO tracker.


Planleave makes it easy to manage days off in your team

With a simple and easy interface while using your own tools and workflow you can automate your employee’s time off

My Calendar

Use your own Calendar

Say goodbye to not knowing who is off and when to plan your business accordingly. With your calendar, you can see it very easily.  (You can also see who is away with your existing Google or Outlook Calendar.)

Accruals and Rollovers

Use accruals to manage your employee time off. You can set them up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can also administer your organization with rollovers at the employee level.

Approve or decline time off requests

Your teammates can easily request time off, and the managers can approve it or reject it. You can also set some types of leaves that are auto-approved.

Manage your your Organization’s Time-Off with Multiple-Leave policies


Some people have different vacation time-off policies for different employees. Planleave allows you to set their time off for how it works for your company at the individual level. But it is more than that in once you set it up for that employee you are done! You do not need to go back and change it the next month or year. Planleave performs the calculations for you and you enter it one time.


Dashboard Reporting

View your whole organization’s leave details and history by team designation. Know who will be taking time off to plan accordingly.

Flexible Leave Types

We have Leave Types built in. You can delete ours, edit them or create your own. This is handy for companies that may want to track specific country Leave Requirements and report on them. 


Manage Leave Types


Use your mobile to submit leave requests and check your teammate’s status. Leave approvals are taken care of over email.

Fits into your workflow

Planleave adapts to how you work. Connect your tools and we’ll make sure Planleave is very easy to use with your current workflow.


Microsoft Outlook
Google Calendar

Teams are happier when they use Planleave


Before Planleave


After Planleave

It’s hard to know who’s off.

Know who’s off now easily.

Managers don’t know who has taken enough days off.

Planleave suggests who needs some time with our burnout board.

People are pinged on Slack when they’re on vacation.

We can update your Slack status automatically.

Teammates don’t know how many days they’ve taken. 

Your calendar shows your days off.

Manual process and not automated.

Empower employees and supervisors with an easy-to-use system. Planleave is a fully automated vacation racker

Filling out and managing paperwork.

Reduce the administrative burden business-wide.

On average there is 35 minutes in lost time in time-off submissions, processing and approvals.

Planleave can show you a 7X ROI on your annual investment in managing employee time-off

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