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Imagine a world where managing employee leave and paid time off is a breeze: where requests are submitted and approved with a few clicks and compliance with your company’s PTO policy is seamless, a world where you have all the information you need to approve or deny requests in a timely and informed manner, as well as automated notifications to keep everyone on the same page. It might sound too good to be true, but that world is closer than you think.

Introducing a powerful, easy-to-use, and self-service PTO tracking software system that can help you streamline your employee time off process and simplify leave management. And the best part? You can try it out right now at no cost, without a credit card or hidden pricing, with the Planleave free trial.

With Planleave, you’ll have access to all our features, including comprehensive time off management, accrual tracking, automated PTO balances, and additional functionalities. No more templates or Excel spreadsheets, no more guessing, just a complete overview of the larger PTO status for not only your team members, but your entire organization.

Streamline Time Off Requests

When managing employee time off, the largest challenge can often be dealing with the sheer volume of requests – from a single day off to sick days, vacation requests, and every type of leave in between. Paper forms, long email chains, or any kind of manual processing can be time-consuming and confusing, and it’s easy for important details to get lost in the shuffle. With Planleave, however, time off requests are streamlined and simplified to create a fast and easy approval workflow.

Employees can request time and submit their leave requests directly through our tracking tool, and managers can approve or deny them with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need for multiple, cumbersome steps and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding who is taking time off and when, as all approved PTO automatically translates to a calendar viewable by anyone in your organization.

In addition, Planleave offers customizable features such as accrual tracking, which helps you keep track of the number of vacation days and additional time each employee has available for PTO and ensures compliance with your company’s paid time off policy – even when an unlimited PTO policy is in play. This also makes it easy for managers to approve or deny requests promptly without the guesswork.

With Planleave, you’ll also be able to set up custom rules and workflows for any time off requests. This way, you can automate the process even further, allowing managers to delegate approvals, keep tabs on absences, have a built-in vacation tracker at their disposal, set up automatic notifications, and more.

With a user-friendly interface, your employees will be able to track time with ease while managers will be able to review and approve requests quickly. This allows your organization to handle time off requests and vacation tracking more efficiently, resulting in a smoother workflow and a more productive team.


Implement Automated Notifications

Automated notifications are a key feature of Planleave that can help take the hassle out of managing employee PTO. With these notifications, employees will receive updates on the status of their time off requests, and managers will receive reminders when employees are approaching their PTO limit. This helps ensure that no one is caught off guard by requests being denied or employees going over their PTO limit.

For employees, automated notifications provide transparency and predictability regarding PTO requests. They will be aware of the status of their request in real time and will receive an email notification as soon as the request is approved or denied, eliminating the need to check in with their manager or your HR department constantly.

For managers, automated notifications provide a valuable tool for managing employee PTO more effectively. With reminders about upcoming time off and alerts about potential PTO, managers can make more informed decisions about approving or denying requests and ensure that the PTO policy is followed correctly.

Additionally, this feature helps team leaders and HR managers track the status of all requests and stay up-to-date with upcoming and past time-off schedules. 


Test a Simplified PTO Tracker

Trying Planleave for free is a great way to see how our PTO tracking software can simplify your processes and help you stay compliant with your company’s leave policies. You’ll have full access to our features during your trial to allow you to test drive our all-encompassing time off tracker and see how it can work for your organization.

With Planleave, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily manage and approve/deny time off requests
  • Automate employee PTO tracking and reminders
  • Streamline time management and the PTO tracking process
  • Track PTO accruals, sick leave, vacation time, employee absences, and more
  • Avoid using spreadsheets and automate notifications
  • Get a complete overview of the PTO status of your organization

By trying Planleave for free, you’ll see first hand how it can improve your time tracking system and make managing employee time off easier. And, if you like what you see, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan with predictable user-based pricing to continue using the system for your organization.


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Managing employee vacation and other PTO can be a challenge, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. Planleave offers a powerful and easy-to-use leave management system and time tracking software platform that can help you streamline the process and stay compliant with your company’s PTO policy. Try it out now by starting your free trial today – no credit card required – and see how it can help you manage employee time off more effectively. Don’t wait; start your free trial now to simplify your PTO management process and to find out why our users say Planleave is the best PTO resource on the market.