Request Vacation Time Easily

Submit vacation requests in seconds on an intuitive, all-inclusive platform.

Vacation Tracker in one place to support ease of use and time savings.

We all have what feels like an endless list of tasks on our to-do list at an any given time in order to be successful in our respective roles. When things start to pile up, it’s always reassuring to know that certain things remain easy and quick to check off.

How does a system that doesn’t require any templates, vacation request emails, or laborious steps sound? At Planleave, we’ve created a system that allows for everyone in your company to adopt and know how to request vacation time, sick leave, medical leave, and more PTO simply and effectively.

With Planleave, our goal is to provide all users – from new employees to CEOs – an exceptionally easy-to-understand platform that makes requesting paid time off, checking the status of PTO requests, and staying in the know of colleagues’ leave schedules a breeze.

And not only did we create a comprehensive resource to rely on when it comes to time off requests, but we also made sure to build in integrations for Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Because at the end of the day, if your technology doesn’t work with your existing workflows, what’s the point?

Comprehensive calendar views for the entire team

Requesting paid vacation leave or any employee time off easily is one thing – being able to easily see all of your coworkers’ vacation schedules in one place is another. That’s why a comprehensive calendar is one of the key features of the Planleave dashboard.


Gain a 360 degree view of leave management at any time

For your employees, human resources department, and team leaders, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for within Planleave. Whether you’re looking to request a last-minute day off (or give advance notice), revise the company vacation policy, view all pending requests for your team, or calculate PTO utilization rates across the company, Planleave makes it all possible.

Our 14-day free trial is available to you to try with your entire team – no user limits – right now. Ditch your current system filled with request forms and simply sign up with an email, invite your teammates, detail your time off policy within Planleave, submit vacation requests, and get a sense for what we can provide. If you’re sold after your trial, you can easily register for an ongoing plan. Our all-inclusive pricing is $1.30/user, no catch.

no credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to request vacation within Planleave?

Submitting vacation or any leave requests within Planleave takes an average of 45 seconds. All that is necessary is to navigate to the request page, select your specific dates for your desired time off, add any additional comments, and submit!


Will I receive email notifications if/when my requests is approved?

Yes. You will receive a follow-up email that will confirm your formal request for paid time off both after submitting and after approval.


Will my approved time off automatically be added to the Planleave calendar?

Absolutely. After any PTO or vacation days are approved by your manager, they will automatically integrate into the Planleave calendar alongside any of your team members’ previously approved days.


Are any additional steps needed after my time off request is submitted and approved?

Not from our end! Once your approved number of days is made official by your manager, your allotted amount of time will be added to the Planleave calendar to give everyone insight into your upcoming time off.