Manage Time Off Requests

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Manage Time Off Requests

App to manage time off requests

Planleave is an online tool to handle the time off requests in your company. Sign up with one click, no credit card required, and use it for free for 14 days. You can invite your team, and organize who can approve the time offs for each person or team, and you’ll see all the requests and their statuses in one place.

We’ll also send the notifications emails when a time off is requested and when it’s approved or declined. With Planleave, you can also integrate your calendar app like Google Calendar to see who’s off there and Slack to fully control the time off requests from your favorite communications app.

How to Manage Time Off Requests

Step 1

1. Sign up with your work email

Start here to set up your account with your email and password.


Step 2

2. Add your company details

Add your company name and vacation policy. It could be some days per year or unlimited.

Step 3

3. Invite your team

Invite your team to start handling their time off requests.

My Calendar

Your time off, your calendar

Sometimes it’s hard for employees to see their own time offs in one place or knowing when was the last time they took some days to disconnect from work. With your calendar, that won’t happen again. You’ll be able to see your past and future time offs requested, so it’ll be easier than ever to have a happy team.

Manage teams' time offs with ease

We know that you have your company organized in teams where each employee has a manager or leader responsible for approving or declining their time off requests. Planleave has an excellent way built-in to support those teams in one place. Each team can have its lead that will manage that team’s time off requests.

Works in your browser

Works in your browser

You don’t need to download any software since Planleave works with any device you have, like a PC or a Mac. Planleave works anywhere, and all the data is automatically synced in the cloud, so you won’t lose any details.

Improve your team happiness

Time off is a great way to make sure your employees are rested and feel a good work/life balance to be more energized at work and happier overall. With Planleave, you won’t only be able to manage your employees’ time off. You’ll also see who hasn’t taken some days in a while so you can be more proactive to prevent burnout in your team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sign up to Planleave by clicking on "Try it Free." Add your company name and vacation policy, and invite your team. Click on 'Next,' and you can start managing time off requests in one place.

There are multiple ways to handle time off requests, and if you're a small team, you can probably use just a simple spreadsheet, but once you have more than a few employees, we recommend Planleave. It's the perfect and simplest solution online to manage all the leave requests that you'll receive in your company.

No, we don't require any payment details and you can give it a try for free for 14 days. We're sure you'll love it.

Once you sign up and invite your team, for each time off request, you or the person assigned to approve the time off requests, will receive an email by default. You can also connect Slack or Google Calendar to see the requests there.

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