Full List of Features

Hire Date
Set vacation policy start date based on employee hire date

Use your mobile to submit leave requests and check teammate’s availability and approvals can be handled over email

Country Leave Laws
Ability to handle Country Leave Laws-Some countries have complex calculations to drive their individual time-off policies based on tenure. Planleave gives you the tools to accomplish this if driven by months or years.

You can use our calculations to create your employee’s journey and stay compliant with your country’s leave laws. As they accrue time-off days each year you can set it up to manage that process.

Dashboard Reporting
Snapshot of your organization in one place

Calendar View
See your full year and submit a leave request through your calendar

Calendar Integration
View Planleave in your Outlook or Google Calendar

Accruals & Rollovers
Setup accruals weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and rollover unused vacation time

Create Teams and Managers
Assign Managers of teams and they can approve leave requests

See Teammates Schedules
Check your teammate’s schedules

Mass Invite Link
Invite all employees to Planleave at once

Multiple Vacation Policies
Set up as many Policies as you need to run your organization

Leave Limits
Create limits to leave types (Sick, vacation, etc)

Burnout Board
Get notified if employees are not taking enough time off

Backup Administrator
Create  Backup Administrator(s)

Leave Type Flexibility
Create your own Leave Types any way that fits your organization. We have standards built in but they are all able to be deleted, edited or create new ones

Administrator Flexibility
Submit Time Off for your team members as the administrator

Employee Photos
Photos of your team

Slack Integration
Manage your organization’s leave through Slack

Reporting based on Week, Month or Year and more