Become a Planleave Partner

Planleave Partner Ecosystem?

Planleave partners are advisors to their clients and bring the leading leave management platform to help them automate their current processes. Payroll Service Providers, HR Consultants, Accountants and IT Consultants can all benefit by offering Planleave to their client base.

What will you receive as a Planleave Partner?

  • 14 day free trial for your clients
  • Free onboarding support to all your clients
  • Marketing collateral
  • A commission of 30% over the lifetime your client is on Planleave

Your business and their business grows

With our platform, there is more efficiency to get more done. Through process automation, there will be more time to focus on delivering great experiences for customers.

More revenues

For each client that you are bringing to Planleave, you receive a commission of 30% over the lifetime your client client is on Planleave

Why Partner with Planleave?

Delight your customers with the best user experience in Leave Management

  • No program fees or minimum lead requirements
  • Alignment with an award winning, user-friendly Leave Management software
  • Peace of mind that your customers are satisfied
  • You can show your customers their ROI through our Planleave ROI Calculator

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please fill-out the form below and we will be in touch to get you started.