Share PTO Internally

Communicate PTO to your entire team so everyone can stay informed, proactive, and productive.

PTO Tracking Software to Open Lines of Communication and Streamline Approvals.

Planleave’s all-inclusive paid time off and time tracking solution allows for you and your team to always have a grasp on who is available and who isn’t throughout every single workday through your existing calendars like Outlook and Google.

With a simplified approach to submitting time off requests, understanding accrual metrics, and planning for changes in workflow, time off management takes on a whole new meaning – and application.

Outside of our cloud-based platform, integrations are also available for Slack and Google Calendar to allow you to always have a pulse on upcoming PTO both for yourself as well as every single member on your team.

Transparent leave management for all

We know how precious employee time is for you and your company. Avoid stressful lapses in clarity and communication by choosing Planleave to automate PTO requests, have a trusted home for your PTO policy, and offer simple, stress-free functionality to your team.

The price is always right

Start with our risk-free 14-day free trial today to give Planleave a go for yourself. No credit card is required (which means to need to remember to cancel), allowing you to invite colleagues to understand how our PTO tracking software works from beginning to end without any pressure to commit.

When you’re ready to move forward, our pricing plan is as simple as can be: $1.30/user per month. No catch, no fees, just a great time tracking system and PTO management software resource at your disposal.

No more confusion, just simplified employee PTO time tracking

Employees are always able to see their real-time PTO balance in their profile at any time. No timesheets, no Excel spreadsheets, no confusion. Each dashboard also has a calendar available for team members to see all employee vacation time now and in the future. Users can request time in a matter of seconds and see both pending and approved requests immediately after submitting.

A full-service PTO tracker that makes sense

Whether your company is a small business or if you’re looking for a resource to support the HR managers on your team, Planleave takes the pain out of managing time off and employee leave policies. From sick leave to vacation time to all other miscellaneous leave requests, our software allows for an easy employee self-service approach while sending automated notifications to all applicable leaders to streamline vacation tracking and allow employees to track time quickly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I track employee time as a manager?

A manager’s dashboard allows you to successfully track PTO across individuals, get a sense of general absence management on your team, and keep tabs on unused vacation days to see who could use some time off in the near future. Learn more here.

Is anything missing from Planleave as a PTO management system?

Our PTO software platform was created to be used as a full-service system to help you and your team have full visibility into everything from HR processes to sick days and everything in between. You shouldn’t need any other resource when it comes to time tracking software.

How user-friendly is the platform as a whole?

Planleave was built so that everyone within a company could spend less time on overall time off management, and our functionality showcases this idea well. With straightforward navigation and easy workflow integrations, we believe the ease of use is a strong reason why our current users say it’s the best PTO software system they’ve ever used.

Do I need Planleave if our company offers unlimited PTO?

As you know, an unlimited PTO policy can get tricky if not executed correctly. We believe Planleave serves as a great time off tracker for companies who have this in place as a way to still keep an eye on how employees do or do not take advantage of this benefit so that conversations can take place while allowing you to have data that you can reference on an ongoing basis.