10 Best Human Resources Forums and Communities

10 Best Human Resources Forums and Communities

by Jose M.
October 16, 2021

Whether you’re starting your career as an HR and people ops professional or you’re a seasoned expert. It’s always great to join a community of other HR professionals to learn from them and do some networking. Who knows? Your next job opportunity might depend on the connections you make now.

HR Slack communities

#people on Slack

This community has 8k+ members working on people ops, human resources, and talent management. They also have a podcast and a newsletter you can subscribe to.

The main channels in the #people Slack community are:

  • introductions: Here, you’ll introduce yourself when you start.
  • events: If you’re advertising an event, you can share it there.
  • products-and-services: If you want to share a product, service, or website you’d like the community to know about.
  • sourcing: if you’re looking for a job, or you have a job looking for a candidate, then drop that in here.

How to join the People Slack Community

Go to this page ( and fill out the Google form with your data. You should receive the invite pretty soon if you meet the criteria.

PeopleGeeks Slack Community

With almost 17k members, it’s one of the central Slack communities. Culture Amp runs it; a company focused on providing tools for employee engagement.

Very focused on sharing resources around positive company cultures and good values.

It has 35 channels, but the most active ones are:

  • admin_general. Culture Amp announcements and general discussions.
  • talent_jobs. Job opportunities for People, Culture, and HR roles.
  • learn_introduce-yourself. You can introduce yourself here when you’re invited.
  • learn_articles. You can share here people-related articles you’ve written or read.

How to join PeopleGeeks Slack Community

Submit the form here, and you should receive the invite in seven days.

PeoplePeople Slack Community

Described as “for recruiters and HR-types”, this Slack community has over 5k members, and it’s a great place to chat with other professionals.

As with any other Slack community, it’s very convenient to use Slack to chat with other people directly in the app.

How to join PeoplePeople on Slack

Go to and send your email. You’ll receive the invite right after.

RecruitingInnovators Slack Community

This Slack community is for recruiting professionals, but it’s great to join if you’re working in that area.

Once you join, you’ll get access to many resources, great conversations, and opportunities in the field, like brainstorming chats on recruiting innovation or new tech products that can help you.

How to join the RecruitingInnovators Slack Community

Go to and submit your email address. You should receive the invite soon in your email inbox.

HR LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a great place to find communities to join in the HR / people-ops field, and you can also easily see the members’ profiles on LinkedIn to check their backgrounds.

Linked: HR on LinkedIn

Linked: HR is the largest HR group on LinkedIn on the HR topic, with over 1M members. And that’s a problem! Why? LinkedIn has a limit of 1M to groups, so now they only accept senior professionals in the HR area, but if you qualify, feel free to apply on LinkedIn.

How to join Linked: HR group on LinkedIn

Go to their group’s page and request access with your LinkedIn user. The moderators will review the request, and you should receive a response soon.

HR Professionals powered by HRCI and HRPA LinkedIn Group.

With over 371k members, it’s also one of the most prominent groups on LinkedIn. It was founded in 2008, and it’s growing at the rate of 50+ new members daily.

The group has HR professionals across different geographies, industries, human resource functions, and experience levels, so we recommend joining it if you’re on LinkedIn.

How to join the HR Professionals group on LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn user, go to the group’s page and request to join.

HR Facebook Groups

Besides being a widely used platform to connect more personally, Facebook has a great set of groups on any topic, human resources included. We recommend here the two main groups we’ve found.

HR Open Source Facebook Group

HR Open Source is a group with over 11k members designed to bring an open-source approach to HR and recruiting, which gives it an exciting angle compared to other communities.

They share detailed case studies, resources, and success stories to show the work of current HR and recruiting professionals, so it’s a great place to learn from others.

How to join the HR Open Source group on Facebook

Go to the Facebook group’s page and request to join.

BadAss Recruiters & Sources (BARS)

With a very particular aesthetics, this Facebook group has almost 6k members, focusing more on recruiting professionals. It was created in 2018 and has a lot of unique content for that field.

How to join the BadAss Recruiters & Sources group on Facebook

Go to the Facebook group’s page and request to join.

HR communities in other platforms

Apart from the known platforms like Slack, Facebook, or LinkedIn, there are great regular “old-school” forums that are as great as the others. Let us recommend a couple of them.

People Ops Society

This community has a very cheerful touch that we at Planleave appreciate. They intend to share the idea among the people ops professionals that people are not resources, and it’s essential to treat them well and make them feel valued. People Ops teams are in a great place to fulfill that vision.

How to join People Ops Society

Go to this page and click on join now. The bad news is that it’s not for free, it costs 595 USD / year, but you’ll get access to the community and a lot of resources to learn more about the people ops field from great leaders.

Cite HR

Although we suspect many won’t be active, this online community has over 2.5M registered users. Nevertheless, many ongoing conversations remain about compensation, hiring, or employee performance.

How to join the Cite HR community

Go to this page and fill in the details.


Independently of which community or platform you choose, we recommend keeping your skills sharp by learning from excellent resources and connecting with other professionals to chat about your challenges and career in this competitive field.

Let us know which community you chose on Twitter (@planleave).

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