Planleave launches employee time off accruals

Planleave launches employee time off accruals

by Andrew
October 25, 2023

In Planleave’s continued commitment to remain the leader in Employee Leave and Absence Management for Latin America we have launched the following functionality.

August 2023-Multiple Leave Policies that allow you to have many different employees on their own Leave Policies. We also added staggered leave additions based on weeks, months or years so you don’t have to go back every year and make these changes.

October 2023-Accruals and Roll Overs-Standard accruals allow you to set leave time bi-weekly, per pay period or monthly and you accrue time the longer you are with the company. Accruals allow you to roll over unused leave to the following year.

November 2023 (coming soon) – Rules-based annual leave. Planleave will be the only platform designed for Latin America and countries that have requirements that give a fixed amount of vacation time each year to employees by country law and increases each year they are with the company. Again, this will also allow you to enter the information once during setup, and you will never have to enter it again as long as your employee works for your company.

Planleave continues its commitment to being the leading provider of Leave and Absence Management designed for the Latin America region.

For more information go to or in Espanol

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